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Nasty, horrible girls at college...?
There are some utter bitches at my college. I see them whispering, looking and laughing at me and they give me a look like I'm a pile of steaming sh*t and it makes me feel minuscule. I feel ugly, stupid and worthless around them but all my family say I'm a stunner which really confuses me as these people give me an ENTIRELY different impression. Also, they're very pretentious and think I'm not as good as them because they go out and get drunk and do drugs and have casual sex. I'm 17, am I really pathetic to not be going out to parties and stuff? I've been to a few, love going to gigs, I go out with friends to the cinema and for long walks and just stuff like that. But they go out like every Friday and Saturday and I feel like an utter tool because I'm going to at home watching a film tonight so I feel like a loser, I'd love to go out on a Friday or Saturday night but my friends at the moment (although lovely, hilarious and loyal) don't really like parties whereas I love them. I don't want to be friends with the egocentric people though, just to go out to parties and their circle has such bitching going on and they make fun of each other and I think it's horrible! Are these people being nasty for a reason??!!
I'd much prefer you as my girlfriend (and marry :P) any day over those others, they sound like they'll never grow up and have no sense of responsibility as far as Im concerned, you go girl! Be who you are, don't change yourself for a bunch of morons.
Is it wrong to check college girls/guys out on facebook before meeting them?
I'm at college and when it comes time to sign up to tutorial class I wait till just about everyone else has signed up so I can check their names against facebook and google. I do it because I don't want to be in the same class as nasty looking people and also if I notice a cute girl on the tutorial class list I want to get into her class.

Is this creepy or normal now that everybody has their information all over the internet.
That is pretty weird. I'm cool with looking up a guy on facebook if I know his name, just to get some idea of what type of guy he is. A facebook doesn't define you, but it can tell you a little bit about his deal.
How do I avoid getting ugly in college?
Most girls who go to college decent looking are pretty ugly by the time they leave there. How do I avoid the weight gain, horrible skin, bad clothing, and nasty hair that so many college girls seem to be afflicted with?
Take showers every day, eat normally, don't smoke or do drugs, get a good night sleep and avoid drinking and don't party every night. Also get an on campus job so you can get new clothing. Good luck.
She's a college girl, she's nasty!?
who heard this song by the federation called "college girl"?? thats my song!
dats the dumbest shxt eva!!
How can I deal with these nasty girls in my class?
I considered myself very lucky to have gone in and out of high school without having to deal with many nasty girls. But now that i'm in college, there are these three 18 year olds (I'm 19) who keep saying really rude things to me whenever they get the change and every time i try to make friendly conversation with them, they take it the wrong way. for example: this morning, one of them said something funny, so I laughed, and then she said "what? are you laughing at me now?" and i was really weirded out and I told her that I was only laughing at her joke. I know that they're just a bunch of stupid little girls, but this is really starting to bother me. do you think i should apologize for anything i could have done of offend them? should i just keep treating them nicely and move on? can you give me any tips on dealing with people like this? I've never had a problem with another person before except for one time, and it was for a good reason. i don't consider myself a catty person and I really do try to be nice to everyone and i can't think of a single way i could have brought this on myself
i think that you should ignore them but not completely. If you see them say a quick hello because you obviously don't want ot be mean but don't start up a conversation with them as they obvs don't want to be friends with you.
you could confront them by saying 'look what is your problem with me ' they might try to deny doing anything but its best to have some friends with you just to back you up in case the argument gets a little heated.
Am I the only one who hates most girls at college?
Okay, honestly. I am in my Junior year at college, and I hardly have any girl friends. Most of them are so freaking annoying. Now I am a girl myself, but before you call me a hypocrite let me clarify that I don't engage in these activities (aka: the ones that annoy me):

1.) The constant yammering. I wouldn't mind so much if it was actually about something worth talking about, but it seems like most of the time they are just trying to fill in dead space. And also I get sooooo so so so TIRED of hearing the word, "like". They can't shut up for one second to pause and find the word they want to say? It's like so like

2.) The general cattiness. Why do so many girls have to be so rude about others? They're also passive aggressive, and will talk about you behind your back, but just loud enough so you can hear. For example, a few minutes ago, I just got back from eating dinner with a friend. I had the key to my dorm in my purse, and I was digging through to find it. I was also holding my leftovers, so I had my hands pretty full. Two girls came up behind me (not carrying anything by the way), and as I was trying to find my key a person was leaving the dorm, so he opened the door for us. I had whispered under my breath, "Thank god" because I was happy that I didn't have to dig around for my key anymore while holding all my stuff. The two bitches behind me then started talking to each other as they walked behind me. Basically, I heard something like, "That took forever" and " I can't believe she expected us to get out our keys when she had hers out..." At first, I didn't think they were talking about me but when I heard the key part I was about 90% sure they were talking about me. How rude is that? First of all, my hands were completely full and they were expecting me to open the door for them? C***s. Second, the only thing I did was turn and see them. It's not like I glared at them or asked them to open the door for. I mean, god forbid you get out your keys to open a door for a person who has their hands full...Anyway, sorry. That went into a bit of a tirade, but this isn't the only instance I've heard dumb, insecure girls saying nasty things behind people's backs.

3.) Stuck up girls who act like sluts. Why do they think they're so entitled anyway. They're on their knees every night. How can they think they're so much better than anyone else? I also hate when they're being attention whores. I cannot stand that. I hate fake people.

4.) This is actually applicable to both genders. In class, I sometimes get completely random strangers who ask me questions about the material. I hate when I explain it to them and don't say thank you afterward. Just a pet peeve, I guess.

Urgh, what should I do to not take things so personally? I know there's gonna be a lot of Grade-A assholes in my life, but a lot of times I tend to dwell on things even when I try not to. Especially, when I'm in the right and they're in the wrong (aka: #2 on my list). Also, where do you guys suggest I meet some actual fun girls? Sometimes it seems like these kind of people are 99% of the population.
Well to be perfectly honest, you can't really do anything about them. A lot of people will not change sadly, no matter what you do or say. This world is plagued with ignorance, and because of that fact it will ultimately meet it's downfall under such a powerful curse.

People like that are annoying, the only people that even enjoy their company are the people just like them and the people who hope to gain something from being around them. About the sluts, they will get what's coming to them one way or another, Living a lifestyle in lust will always lead to destructive habits, and desires, and this will cause their heart to be shattered so many times. That is if they don't get a STD first.

I'd hate it too if someone asked for my help and i got no thanks or anything. Anyone would get mad over something like that. You should probably stop helping people until they start to thank you properly, just my thoughts anyway.

About new friends, you just need to find people who are just like you and are interested in most the things you are, so that way you wont be so stressed out when you're with them. If you're interested in the same things you wont really get mad over something they do. Although you did say something about going out to eat with a friend, you shouldn't want to have so many friends, because it's going to be hard to maintain a relationship with each of them. Causing some of them to defect behind your back.

I'd stick with 1 or 2 close friends, i have about 7 close friends, 2 guys, and 5 girls. Although there is only one that i can trust the most out of all of them. Anyway, don't look for a lot of friends =). Just keep a few close ones.
I love being in poms but the three girls on the team treat me like crap every day. what to do?
i am being harassed by three girls on the pom team. the athletic director spoke to the coach and team captain today and now they are laughing about it on facebook. obviously for me to read. anyway. i don't want to quit, but i hate being around them every day now. i don't know what to do. i was planning to do poms in college. any ideas for coping with a group of nasty girls that have nothing better to do than be mean girls?
Hi. Okay, they sound really mean! But hang in there! They are trying to break you down so you'll quit. So don't give them the satisfaction. Obviously, they are losers, who have nothing better to do than be jerks, so don't worry what they think of you. Whatever they do, IGNORE it. I know this is hard to do and you think it'll never work, but if you don't go running to a teacher or parent they will respect you more. However, if things get out of hand, do go to a teacher/parent. What I mean is, hold out for as long as you can. They will get tired of it and elave you alone. Good luck, I hope it works our for you! xox
Where could I go for my college graduation trip with a bunch of girls?
It can be overseas or in the US....anywhere! It will be me and only girls and we are all straight so please no nasty talk! We would like to go somewhere for less than 2,000 each.
You should all go on a cruise together. There are many destinations so you will have the opportunity to see and do a lot of different things.
Why are girls in their 20's so damn nasty?!?
I'm a fairly attractive but generally speaking, average looking 21 year old guy. Of course the girls I find attractive are the same girls that every guy my age finds attractive, so unless you have bulging biceps or resemble Tom Brady the chances of even being acknowledged by these girls is very unlikely.

But I've realized that when I go out, I see TONS of beautiful women with average looking men. So at what age, or at what point in a women's life does she tend to become less shallow and begin to give average looking guys a chance who can provide just as much if not more then those D-bag's they dated in college? Are there girls out there my age (18-22) that don't act like this?
Of course there are girls out there who aren't like this. You just proved that yourself. I'm 20 years old and I am not 100% into looks. I mean, a guy might be really hot or something but then as soon as you get to know him, he might be a total loser and a jerk. Then he is very UNattractive. Just like that.

You're always going to run into superficial girls who think they're really hot and deserve only a hot guy. But do you really think their relationships are that satisfying if that's all they go for? I don't think so.

Honestly, don't worry about it right now. I'm sure you're just fine-looking and have a good personality. Don't let those girls get you down. There are lots of guys just like them. And then there are lots of girls just like you who feel the same way.

Hope I helped!

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