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Do teen breasts ever get firmer or less saggy as they develop?
almost every girl my age (15) has perfect or nearly perfect boobs. ive researched and apparently thats whats normal, to have round, firm and lifted, perky breasts. however mine are saggy & look like tubes. really they only look big in abra that doesnt expose "cleavage"(which i dnt have no matter the support) i just wanted to know, is this normal? do some girls start off with saggy boobs and the change? :(
All girls have different breast shape, size and feel. Some girls don't even fully develop until they're 20's. Weight also has a big affect on breast size and shape, after all breasts are just fatty tissues. If your skinny your likely to have smaller breasts and they will get bigger with the more weight you put on. Some girls (like myself) never really get that big at all, its frustrating at first but you learn to accept it. If its firmness your worried about try doing upper body and bust exercises and stretches. This will also slightly increase size because you are building the muscles behind and around your breasts. Either way, learn to live with your body now, it will be with you your whole life long. BTW, if your friends all seem to have 'perfect breasts' it's probably because of the bras they are wearing..
How can I get perky breasts?
I have breasts that are 36B and they don't look very perky or very...attractive to me. They sag a little and a teen shouldn't have saggy boobs. So besides losing weight, what can I do?

Appreciate the help, thanks.
Dont stop eating, eat more frequently, you shouldnt be hungry otherwise your body gets energy from your muscles not your fat!

Drinking green tea regularly helps too!

Eat small healthy meals every 2-3 hours, eat your last meal 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. Do not starve yourself or your body will go into survival mode where anything you eat will be turned into FAT. This will help you a lot but if you want more results you can exercise 3-4 days a week, include weight training and especially cardio (walking especially running). If you set your mind to lose the weight you will lose it and when you start seeing how good you look you'll want to keep going.

If you want to loose weight you have to take in less calories than you put out..each pound is worth 3500 calories..deduct 500 calories each day of the week and @ the end of the week you will have lost 1#..doesn't sound like much, but look @ a # of butter..that's quite a lot.. so start with a 1800 calorie diet, if you gain or remain the same, drop it to 1500 calories. you did not put the weight on overnight, so therefore you need take it off slow..besides it is much healthier and will stay off easier if taken off slowly. You can do it..good luck.


Btw abs are all diet!
Teen with saggy breasts?
I'm 14 almost 15 and I'm about a 34B but my breasts sag. Aren't teens supposed to have perky breasts? What can I do to help un-sag them?
Make sure you wear a good supportive sports bra.And i would buy an extremely comfy bra to sleep in at night. And buy firming lotion for like anti wrinkles sounds crazy but it will help firm the muscles. And they have exercises that you can do. And dont listen to what people say bout sleeping in a bra making you smaller. I am a 38C and 16 and i never take mine off except to bath and swim and such.

Hope this helps if you have questions let me know.
Are chest exercises really an efficient way to lift breasts?
I'm still a teen, and my breasts are sagging due to a lot of weight loss. My breasts are only B cups, so since they're small, would chest exercises lift the sagging breasts until they're perky again? Or would there only be a tiny improvement?
it would improve by tightening the skin and reducing the actual weight of the breast but dont expect to much of a dramatic change
they have surgerys to fix this type of problem and this device they invented a really long time ago i think its called.... a bra?
I'm a teen and my breasts are saggy?
I'm 15, I have really small boobs, to the point where I don't need a bra because they are that tiny, but they are saggy. I hear that teens are supposed to be round, full, and perky but mine are flabby and small. Sorry to get so detailed... Is this normal?
Yes, it is normal. Don't worry. Try wearing a training bra, not a wired bra. Those make you sag more if they are fully developed. You can be flat and still wear a trainging bra. Dont worryy though. IT is normal!
How do I get more perky breasts?
I see a lot of photos on the internet, where their nipple is like, in the center of the breast. My nipples/breasts points down somewhat. I drew a picture for you to show you what I mean.

The one on the left is the 'normal' one, while the other set is sort of like mine. I'm still young, so perhaps my nipples don't point straight outwards because they're not completely developed? Or are they already starting to sag? Agh. I'm 140 lbs and 5'4, so I'm a little chubby, but not terribley chubby. Does that play a factor in this ordeal? Is there any exercises to change this, to make my nipples higher? (Lol.) Or is it because they are still growing and changing? Anyone have/had this problem when they were a teen? My boobs make me feel so self conscious in bed. Advice please, much appreciated!
May i offer a hand ? ^_^
Problems with large sagging breasts as a teen?
I was a C by the time I was 12, I'm now 17 and wearing an E that is now too small. I've always been heavily overweight/obese, at my heaviest I was 187lbs. I've lost weight over the last 7 or so months and am now 151lbs, I'm aiming for 145lbs. Despite this weight loss, they have only gotten bigger, but exercise hasn't contributed to this. They are quite saggy, and I have the appearance of a woman who has had a few guyren, even though I haven't. I don't want surgery. Will further weight loss help them to become more perky/firm, or is that impossible? I'm just sick of them pointing north before I'm even in my twenties, and was wondering if there was anyway in reversing this?
there are many exercises to tighten your pectoral muscles which are underneath the breasts this can firm and tighten the breasts a little.
Teen: Why are my breasts are always sore and hard?
i never really had boobs until i was like about 14, (i just turned 16)thats when i had my period. i think im considered a late bloomer??
well my mom had her period when she was 16 and shes a natural 32C, which looks really good on her because she has a pretty small frame.
but all of my friends around me have really soft boobs and they dont seem to grow that much or at least not that obviously.
they keep on making fun of me when i say my boobs are literally growing bigger everyday (I swear!).
not long ago, i turned from a B to a C.
but they say my boobs wont grow anymore??
i seriously dont remember a day when my boobs were completely soft and not sore!
there are days that they are REALLY hard and perky and other days when they are softer, but there are always lumpish parts.
i noe its not breast cancer because im still a teenager and im growing, but im just wondering if this was normal???
im pretty happy that they are still growing, im only a 34C, and it doesnt look big on me at all.
so does this mean i still have lots to grow???or is there actually sumthing wrong with me??
Everyones breasts grow at different rates. They are probably hard and sore because they are growing. It's nothing to worry about.
I'm 17 and have sagging breasts (without exaggeration) what do I do?
My breasts have always been saggy. And I have noticed throughout my teen years it has been getting worse and worse as my breasts became larger and larger. I'm currently 36C and my breasts sag down to the point where my nipples face down. It is so embarrassing and it makes me feel bad that other girls my age have perfectly perky breasts and I have granny boobs. What is wrong with me? I have been wearing bras since the 5th grade. I am over weight...and my mom said that's the reason why...but if I lose weight they'll sag even more!!

Do I have to treat this with surgery like I've seen you guys tell other (older) people? or is their another way?

I really AM too young for sagging breasts.
i know this sounds weird but its true your boob muscles are too weak. i was told to do some exercises when i had my son to help them retain some form but i didn't listen cause i figure if someone doesn't like me the way i am then to hell with em
Will my breasts stretch back after weightloss?
I am in my late teens and have been several stone overweight for around 4 years now. 5 stone overweight for the last 2 years. My breasts are large and long and droopy. I have begun losing weight, when I have lost all my weight will my breasts reduce in size? and will the skin tighten and my breasts become perkier and up like young people's breasts?
As you are still young it is likely that your skin is still quite elastic so you are in a better position than someone older for the skin to bounce back.

Keep your weight loss gradual so that you dont end up with loose skin and do exercises to strengthen the chest muscles such as chest flyes.

There are no guarantees as to where you will lose the weight thats why you need to exercise to firm tone and reshape your body as you lose weight.

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