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Question for nudists - shaved OK?
Im going to try a nudist resort again after many years of not doing that. Im really looking forward to the feeling of freedom I remember, but Im concerned about one thing. I started shaving my balls and trimming my pubes some years back. I am very hairy and I feel better and sex with my wife is more sensuous. Am I going to stand out from the rest of the people there? are they going to think Im gay or a pervert or something? Just wondering what the norms are these days since it has been years since Ive been nude in public
You won't stand out. There are many men that are getting electrolysis done to remove the hair there. Most women prefer less hair in the erotic zones. Have fun.
What do nudists do about body hair?
I am new to nudism. I was wondering weather or not most male nudists shave body and pubic hair?
I travel to many resorts and beaches ... I love my job ... and I personally prefer to be pubic bare, but overall I'd say it is probably 55-60% do not shave and 40-45% do ... so it really is a personal decision and no one will say anything either way.

I haven't seen anyone that shaves ALL their body hair, but I suppose it does happen and maybe I just didn't notice.

However, I will caution you that shaving pubic hair, being curly, is much more prone to in-grown hairs. The bumps and pimple looking infected hair can be very embarrassing. If you do decide to shave, I would suggest you use an acne medicine, especially a moisturizer with Salicylic acid, if you develop any problems. Now, that said, Salicylic acid is pretty harsh, so don't put it on the boys. lol. I use a moisturizer that is only 0.5% Salicylic acid for them and use a moisturizer that is 2% Salicylic acid in the pubic area itself.

Many just trim the area so it doesn't look overgrown. If you are starting out, that is what I would do. Trim it down, and down and down until you get the look and feel you want. That is how I did it, I just kept trimming it shorter, until it became easier to just shave it.

Do NOT use an epilator unless you are a masochist. Damn that hurts. In case you don't know, epilators YANK the hair out by the root. It was a very short lived trial for me.
Do nudists shave their pubic hair?
Do nudists/naturists shave their pubic hair or do they keep it natural because they believe in keeping everything natural?
A great many naturists do shave or trim to some extent. If I took a guess I'd say at least half do at least something with their pubic hair, regardless of gender. Personally I shave it smooth, and in past visits to naturist resorts I saw people with every different hair status you could think of. It's all accepted and all a matter of personal preference.
Nudists Shaving Pubic Area?
I was looking at some "nudist" galleries today to get a sense of what to expect if I were to visit a nudist club. It seems like the non-model (the normal people) in the pix do not shave, where the model-like people in a lot of posed pix are shaved.
(I'm assuming the model-like people are non really nudists, just nude models?)

So what is the norm? (In the USA)

I have a full bikini wax would that be OK?
There is no norm, we find it's about 50/50 shaved / unshaved. My wife and I prefer to be clean shaven, we like the way it feels & looks. But it is totally up to you.
How do nudists view pubic hair removal?
Are they against removing pubic hair?
If I, a 17 year old who shaves all his pubic hair, went to a nude beach or resort how would all the nudists look at me?
Would they make fun of me or look down at me for having it smooth down there?
They dont care
Any one interested in YAHOO having a listing for a place for us nudists under 'other-Society & Culture?
Yahoo,how about a place on your list of " Other - Society & Culture " for us NUDISTS of all life styles? We have just as ' RIGHT ' to have our site listed! We are'nt sex perverts,rapists or any 'NASTY Ideas '! TRUE FACT: There are MANY nudist web sites on YAHOO ! Any nudist(s) out there agree with me? As nudists, we need to let YAHOO know-- we want a place for ourselves! I am openly a smoothie nudist ,98% shaved! Are you? Let me know. Any one interested in starting a 'Smoothie Nudist Club/camp in all 50 States ,including Canda /USA-landed/non landed ,for singles,couples,divorced,married (w/wo guyren),separated & widowed ? You must be 98% Shaved! No mastashes/beards! 2% Eye brows-head hair ,thats up to you!To become a member,you must undergo a " POLICE BACK ROUND CHECK -- I which you pay the fee!
Sounds good to me.
Do most people shave body hair at nudist camps?
I'm sure it's varied, but I just wondered if more people shaved or went all natural at nudist camps and things of that nature? I've always wanted to go to one, ha.. but I always wondered what I'd do with that, ha.
It's completely at your discretion. Some people shave, and that's fine. Others (myself included) go unshaved, and that's fine.

Just be aware that if you shave, you'll be more likely to get sunburn in the area you shaved, and you may have to deal with things like razor burn and itching that you may not have dealt with before. But some people absolutely swear by it, and say it feels much better and is easier to keep clean.
To whom owns / runs this web site: How about you listing a spot for us nudists ? s NUDISTS we are accepted?
As nudists,we are,openly, a growing life style,wether shaved of body hair or not,and we should like to have our life style to be listed on your categorized list OR is this aking to much!NOTE:Our "Life Style" is a Multi Money Business,inwhich we EMPLOY, Millions of people to "CATER TO US !".Also,we 'POST' all sorts of web sites on yahoo.I know "YAHOO" is free of charge,but personaly,I would like to say " THANK YOU"! I geatly ," APPERECITE ", The fine service you provide for us "YAHOO MEMBERS"!
I think it would be a very good idea. My wife and I have been NATURISTS (nudists) for years. However I doubt it will happen because those who run this site and many who post or read it think nudity equals sex orgy. This is NOT true! In fact any open display of sex will get you tossed out faster than you can think about it. Nudity is healthy and is a good lifestyle. Check out the two sites below and there are many more.

STEFFY: go to the sites I have listed below it gives very good information. If you would like more, please contact me I have a ton of information and many web site links for additional information. It takes the average person about 20 minutes to get over being shy. Good luck and get naked it is a great life!

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