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Why does he breathe heavily while sucking my nipples?
my boyfriend and i have been dating for 7 months and we have made out a number of times! But i recently noticed that when he gets around to sucking/kissing my nipples he breathes heavily, but not like he's out of breath! does that mean he really likes it or what? and when i moan, he gets pleaze tell me!
It means he is getting sexually aroused just like you are when you moan.
Is my boyfriend sucking my nipples to hard if it hurts afterwards?
My boyfriend sucked my nipples lastnight and he was sucking really hard after wards my nipple really hurt and it was swollen alittle it is now the next day and it still hurts really bad and it almost looks like he sucked so hard he made a cut? Does anyone know what is happening?
Yes it can be because he sucked too hard. Your skin is there is very sensitive. Just think of breast feeding - lots of women have problems doing it.
Does too much of sucking the nipples by yr boyfriend or husband harm the breast?
does sucking the nipples harm its size or is it infectious?
No. A baby does the same thing and it doesn't do any harm. That's what they're there for.
Sorry to ask such a question but is sucking nipples harmful to a lady by any way?
my hubby does and he likes doing this to me. just softly. and even squeezing them a Little. but will it me harmful to me by any way?
Of course not, breasts are really there to feed a woman's' offspring which is why women lactate (breasts get bigger and starter producing mild) when they are pregnant and after they have babies. The most "harm" that women get from beast feeding is bumps around their nipple and saggy breasts, but with me being a male I wouldn't know exactly how a woman would feel about that. My guess it that they wouldn't like it.

From my experience, women like when you suck/play with their breasts anyway.
What does it mean when your dog keeps sucking and biting your Nipples?
I sleep naked and every morning when I wake up my dog (who sleeps in my bed) is sucking and biting on my nipples. Don't even bother with - don't let her sleep in your bed or put some clothes on. She's slept in my bed since she's 10 weeks old.
I'll need some photographic evidence to formulate a correct answer.
Does sucking on nipples cause them to grow bigger?
I don't just mean the nipple i mean the ariole. My breasts however are growing at the moment yet my nipples seem to be growing more too. My husband thinks that its because he keeps sucking on them. help?
LOL. It's definitely NOT from sucking on them.
If your breast size is changing then your nipple size will change too.
Sucking on things does not make them bigger. If that were the case then we'd have some VERY well endowed men walking around.
What do I do if my kittens keep sucking on my dogs nipples?
I have 2 kittens they are 8 weeks old they keep sucking on my dogs nipples. They won't stop. And it's making the dog hurt I don't know what to do. Please help.
laugh, get out ur camera, record it, and put it on youtube..lmfao
Could my boyfriend sucking on my nipples cause Montgomery glands to appear?
My boyfriend likes to suck on my nipples and lately I've been noticing Montgomery glands. I know they show up on pregnant women for something with breastfeeding, but could my boyfriends sucking have triggered them to appear??
Yes, it's possible, but it is harmless and nothing to worry about.

Actually, no one really understands how Montgomery glands work or even what they do. But as you say, most women find that they grow more prominent when a woman is breastfeeding. So, it makes sense that they could also become more visible if your boyfriend stimulates your breasts.

As I said, however, it's nothing to worry about. There is a huge natural variation among women in the prominence of their Montgomery glands. If yours stand out a bit more or a bit less, it's no big deal.

If you like it when your boyfriend sucks your breasts, just relax. It's fine.
Why do some men seem to enjoy sucking a woman's nipples so much?
The guy that I'm currently fooling around with just seems to adore sucking on my nipples, though there doesn't seem to be any apparent pleasure in it for him, and I was just wondering why so many men seem to enjoy doing this so much?
they like boobies lol
Does normal sucking on nipples by guys causes milk lactation ?
Can an unmarried woman breast feed a baby even when she is not pregnant?
No, sucking on nipples does not stimulate lactation in a woman.

Secondly, pregnant women don't generally have milk supply. It is only AFTER birth that milk production is stimulated.

A woman who has not borne a guy can lactate and breastfeed a guy, though she does have to prepare for this situation months in advance with hormone therapy.

Married or unmarried has nothing to do with it. Hormones do.

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